Robinson Chapel UMC
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
The little white church with great big love

Ministry Directory - For 2016

Church Council                                                 
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Tom Cochran
Lay Leader Diane Whitlock
Lay Member of Ann. Conf. Diane Whitlock
Chairperson of Staff/Parish Barth Ragatz
Chairperson of Finance Barry Becker
Church Treasurer Rich Burk
Chairperson of Missions To Be Announced
Chairperson of Education Teresa Walls
Chairperson of Scholarships Joan Baldwin
President of UMW Sue Rick
Recording Secretary Ronna Bleekman
Auditor Tom Cochran
Chairperson of Outreach Sandy McMurtrie
Senior Representative Elizabeth VanHorn
Youth Group Leader Emily Jeffries
Cluster Representative Tom Cochran
Committee on Lay Leadership
Chairperson Diane Whitlock
Lay Person Tom Cochran and Phil Clark
Class of 2016 Mike Rick and Patty Becker
Class of 2017 Phil Clark
Class of 2018 Bob Jones
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Barry Becker
Class of 2016 Deb Argast and Barry Becker
Class of 2017 Dale Baldwin and Willie Taylor
Class of 2018 Dean McComb and Matt Cochran
Staff/Parish Relations
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Barth Ragatz
Lay Leader Diane Whitlock
Class of 2016 Barth Ragatz and Lisa Baldwin
Class of 2017 Sharon Baker and Mike Rick
Class of 2018 Neil Quandt and Scott Shie
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Barry Becker
Lay Leader Diane Whitlock
Financial Secretaries Norma Niedermeyer and Julie Knox
Chairperson of Trustees Barry Becker
Chairperson of Staff/Parish Barth Ragatz
Chairperson of Ad-Council Tom Cochran
Church Treasurer Rich Burk
Auditors Diane Whitlock and Neil Quandt
Counters Norma Niedermeyer and Julie Knox
Chairperson To Be Announced
Class of 2016 Kathy Ragatz and Ronna Bleekman
Class of 2017 Kathy Thieme and Kirstin Ziembo
Class of 2018 Michele Ragatz and Sandy McMurtrie
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Joan Baldwin
Lay Leader Diane Whitlock
Missions Chairperson To Be Announced
Education Chairperson Teresa Walls
Ad-Council Chairperson Tom Cochran
Youth Leader Dena Baldwin
Class of 2016 Joan Baldwin
Class of 2017 Tom Cochran and Amanda Quandt
Class of 2018 Sue Rick and Deb Clark
General Offices
Church Adminstrator Ronna Bleekman
Director of Music Mike Whitlock
Worship Support
Attendance Recorder Linda Cochran
Childrens' Message Coordinator Diane Whitlock
Communion Stewards Norma Niedermeyer and Linda Cochran
Worship Arts Director Deb Argast
Greeter/Usher Coordinator Barth Ragatz
Liturgist Coordinator Barth Ragatz
Wedding Consultant Ronna Bleekman
Video Julie Knox, Barry Becker, Rich Burk and Tim Sewell
Facebook Coordinator Tom Cochran
Website Coordinator Michele Ragatz
Bell ringer Acolyte Sue Rick
UMW Sue Rick
Prayer Ministry Sue Rick
Prayer Support Pastor Fred Baughman
Scouting Coordinator Tom Cochran
Men's Group Coordinator Neil Quandt
Nursery Coordinator Abby Shie
Chairperson Teresa Walls
Class of 2016 Roberta Agnew
Class of 2017 Teresa Walls and Amber Sewell
Class of 2018 Jennifer Vaughan and Julie Knox
Coordinator Sandy McMurtrie
Helping Hands Tom Cochran
Garden Ministry Deb Argast
Building Committee
Pastor Fred Baughman
Chairperson Dennis Walls
Committee Dean McComb, Barry Becker, Tom Cochran, Phil Clark and Abby Shie